Full Service

Toner Textiles provides a full range of services – all with impeccable attention to detail and analytics to help you achieve your goals.

Custom Product & Packaging Design

In addition to making high quality products, we also provide custom packaging design capabilities—increasing the value and speed of your order fulfilment while reducing the overall cost and time of having to coordinate design elsewhere.

Quick Sample Turnaround

Timing is essential, especially when you need to capitalize on current trends to be first to market. We provide value and speed to market with domestic manufacturing, which allows for rapid prototypes, samples, and the ability to make changes quickly.

Scalable Manufacturing

Whether you need a prototype to market test or a mass retail order for a chain of stores, our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow you to enter the market in a fast but practical way.

Word Class Distribution & Fullfillment

Our team has decades of experience with EDI-based order fulfillment, customer-specific software platforms and logistics management. When everything is ready to go, we make sure that your order is fulfilled with precision.

Impeccable Service & Analytics

Our work doesn’t stop when your products are on the shelves. We continue to be a strategic partner by providing insightful analytics, assortment optimization, follow-up program recommendations and competitive analysis.

Our full suite of capabilities is everything you need for your next project